The Armory Show 2005
NADA Art Fair 2004
Hello Chelsea

Goalpost Iceberg Less Is More New Morning Sideline Snowmass Sparkler Untitled Untitled Watermelon "Bubble...Owl" "Dew...Owl" "Around Noon" "One or a Bunch" "Chinatownland (Both Ends)" "Dew...Bottle" "Fence" "Less is More" "Neighbors" "Owl...Chinatownland" "Owl...Geese" "Sparkler (lithograph)" "Untitled (Chinatownland)" "Untitled (Owl)" 2ish Bottle Chinatownland Chinatownland with Puddles Chinatownland with Stake Chinatownland with Stakes #2 Chinatownland, 1/2 Water Chinatownland, 1/4 Water Could Happen Could Happen #2 Glacier







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