Belshazzar's Feast


Adam Cvijanovic's Colossal Spectacle
Project Room: Studies for the Fall of Babylon
The Armory Show 2007
NADA Art Fair 2006
Love Poem, Ten Minutes After the End of Gravity
The Armory Show 2005
NADA Art Fair 2004
Hello Chelsea
Adam Cvijanovic: Hurricane Party

Belshazzar\'s Feast Untitled 2 (From the Series Driving Down La Cienega With My Brother) Untitled 18 (From the Series Driving Down La Cienega With My Brother) Untitled 15 (From the Series Driving Down La Cienega With My Brother) Untitled 14 (From the Series Driving Down La Cienega With My Brother) Hollywood, 1915 Untitled 1 (From the Series Driving Down La Cienega With My Brother) Untitled 8 (From the Series Driving Down La Cienega With My Brother) Floodlit Column Fall of Babylon Untitled (Study for Fall of Babylon 2) Study for Hollywood Babylon The Colossal Hospitality of an Antique Land Garden State/Normandy Garden State/Normandy Same Day Delivery, Installation at the Walker Art Center Suspension of Disbelief Suspension of Disbelief [detail] Tide Everything Must Go Pets Trim Spa Star Iolanthe (installation view) Iolanthe Untitled (Love Poem) Untitled (Love Poem) [detail] Untitled (Love Poem) [detail] Niagara Falls [detail] Niagara Falls [installation view] Glacier [view 1] Glacier [view 2] Installation view, \'Nuart', 2006 Nuart "Neon Graveyard (Cocktails 24 Hrs)" Spring Break Spring Break [detail] Vapor Trail Disko Bay






2008 Adam Cvijanovic's Colossal Spectacle, Bellwether, New York, NY
2007 "Studies for the Fall of Babylon", Project Room, Bellwether, New York, NY
2006 Adam Cvijanovic, University of Buffalo Art Gallery Center for the Arts, Buffalo,NY
2005 "Hammer Projects", The Armand Hammer Museum of Art and Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA
2005 Love Poem (10 Minutes After the End of Gravity,) Bellwether, New York, NY
2004 "Ideal City," Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA
2003 "Hurricane Party," Bellwether, Brooklyn NY
2002 "New City" Project, Steven Sclaroff New York
2002 "Disko Bay," Bellwether, Brooklyn, NY
1999 Richard Anderson, New York
1994 Richard Anderson, New York
1993 Richard Anderson, New York
1991 Richard Anderson, New York
1988 Bess Cutler Gallery, New York
1988 Betsy Rosenfield Gallery, Chicago
1988 Malony Gallery Santa Monica, CA
1986 Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York
1986 Stavaridis Gallery, Boston MA
1986 Brockton Art Museum, Brockton, MA
1985 Bess Cutler Gallery, New York
1985 Stavaridis Gallery, Boston MA
Selected Group
2009 "Frenzy and Aftermath", Nicholas Robinson Gallery, New York, NY
2008 "Blown Away: The Artful Explosion", Krannert Art Museum, Champaign, IL
2008 PROSPECT.1, New Orleans Biennial, New Orleans, LA
2008 "Worlds Away: New Suburban Landscape", Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN, traveling to the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA
2008 "Future Tense: Reshaping the Landscape", Neuberger Museum or Art, Purchase College, Purchase, Ny
2008 Liverpool Biennial, Tate Liverpool, Liverpool, UK
2008 SIGN/AGE, Armand Bartos Fine Art, New York, NY
2007 "Art in America: 300 Years of Innovation", organized by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation & the Terra Foundation for American Art, Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China; Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow, Russia
2007 "America Today", Saatchi Selection for the Hermitage 20/21, The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
2007 07/08, Bellwether, New York, NY
2007 Adam Cvijanovic and Peter Garfield: Unhinged, Mass MOCA, North Adams, MA
2006 "Disaster! One Year After", curated by Nina Felshin, Zilkha Gallery, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT
2006 Après moi, le Déluge, FA Projects, London, England
2006 USA TODAY, The Royal Academy of Arts, London
2005 "Jack," Curated by Mari Spirito, Cuchifritos, New York, NY
2005 Out of Place, Mary Goldman Gallery, New York, NY
2005 Wasteland: 21st Century Landscape, Roebling Hall, Brooklyn, NY
2004 The Dreamland Artist Club, Presented by Creative Time, Coney Island, NY
2004 Hello Chelsea, Bellwether, New York, NY
2004 Subway Series, Queens Museum, Queens, NY
2004 UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA
2003 Kaleidoscope, Ingrao Gallery, New York, NY
2003 On the Wall: Wallpaper and Tableau, Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia, PA
2003 Yard, Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, NY
2003 On the Wall, Rhode Island School of Design Museum, Providence, RI
2002 Next Wave Festival, Cur. Dan Cameron, BAM Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY
2002 Arctic Light, Danese Gallery, New York, NY
2002 Looking at America, Yale University Museum, New Haven, CT
2002 Social Landscape, P.P.O.W. Gallery, New York, NY
2002 Compact Art, Barcelona, Spain
2001 "All American" Bellwether Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
2000 Landscape 2000,University of Wyoming Art Museum, Laramie, WY
1997 The New Representationalism, La Mama Gallery, New York, NY
1995 Chasing Angels, Christenerose Gallery, New York, NY
1994 Drawing on Friendship: Portraits of Painters and Poets, Tibor de Nagy Gallery, New York, NY
1992 "Slow Art," PS 1, Long Island City, NY
1992 "Mall Art" New Museum, New York
Honors and Awards
2006 Art Production Fund and The Lawrence Rockefeller Foundation, Artist Fellowship and Foundation Fellowship Grant, Fondation Claude Monet, Giverny, France