Psychic Studies III (detail)


The Saint at Large
The Armory Show 2007
NADA Art Fair 2006
Marc Swanson
The Armory Show 2005
NADA Art Fair 2004
Hello Chelsea
Live Free or Die

88 Psychic Studies II Psychic Studies III Psychic Studies III (detail) Sunset Boulevard Untitled (T-Shirts & Chains) Target #2 Untitled Untitled (Antler Pile) Untitled (Black Antler Pile) Untitled (Black Full Sneak) Untitled (Black Geometric Multiple) Black Mirror Geometric #1 Black Mirror Geometric #2 Black Mirror Geometric #3 Anna Nicole Untitled (T-Shirt Quilt) Untitled Shirt Panel #2 Untitled Shirt Panel #3 Web Untitled (Black Paper Wasp Nest) Psychic Studies Antlers (Black) Untitled (Antler box) Buck (Full Sneak) Untitled Untitled (Black Fawn) Killing Moon V Killing Moon II "Killing Moon #3" PS1 installation "Killing Moon #3" Bellwether installation Killing Moon #4 (Self Portrait as a Yeti) "Killing Moon" Untitled Untitled (Antlers) Untitled (Browsing Buck) Always and Nothing Always and Nothing (detail) Always and Nothing (detail) Beyond and Back Fits and Starts Fits and Starts Madonna Peacock Flying Goat Eye in Hand Target Prelude to Sorrow Moon Boy in Tree Nests Ridge the end of the beginning of the end Far From Home Beyond and Back Untitled (T-Shirts) Stockholm Syndrome Old Man on the Mountain Too Tough to Die, Too Dumb to Live M.D.S. Mark Twain, Army of One Remember Carrie Forest Fire Inverted Black Sunrise, Death with Child Untitled (Rainbow Logs) Time is Nature’s Way..., Rainbow Target Community "State of Emergency"







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