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Grace for Cyberspace


The Muse, The Fugitive, and The Frequency
The Armory Show 2007
The Armory Show 2005
Love Parade
NADA Art Fair 2004

Linda Leven in Blue Bra with Streamers Linda Leven with Portrait Linda, Monologue (Open and Closed) Grace on Her Couch, Yellow Shirt Rachel with Pearls Rachel in Yellow Dress, Hallway Blue Fairy on Street Miss Model, Fake Tan, White Dress Beauty Pageant Contestant, Hand on Chin, Yellow Dress Rick Wilder Claire Chloe Sweety Nikki Linda Leven Milan Untitled 1 (from The Frequency series) Untitled 2 (from The Frequency series) Untitled 3 (from The Frequency series) Untitled 4 (from The Frequency Series) Untitled 5 (from The Frequency series) Untitled 6 (from The Frequency series) Untitled 7 (from The Frequency series) Helena Art Model Seated Art Model Supine Veiled Margaret, Purple Lady Coney Island Grace Grace in Window Grace for Cyberspace "Grace (Natural Blonde)" "Grace" Ana Ariel Begonia Grey Lady Morgan Pete Pink and Blue The Queen Third Avenue Horse Stephen "Yusuke" Claire with Blue Velvet "Claire" Hannah "Ann" "Deana" "Eleanor" "George" Blue Fairy






2007 "The Muse, The Fugitive, and The Frequency", Bellwether, New York, NY
2005 "Love Parade," Bellwether, New York, NY
Selected Group
2008 "In Repose", Goldie Paley Gallery, Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia, PA
2008 "Pretty is as Pretty Does", SITE Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM
2007 "New Photography", Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY
2007 "L’Autre", Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA
2006 "Action Adventure", cur. Melissa Brown, Josh Kline, Michael Williams, CANADA, New York, NY
2005 "Beyond the Portrait", Piazza Oberdan, Milan, Italy
2005 "Greater New York", P.S.1/MOMA, Long Island City, New York
2005 "White Out: Lighting Into Beauty," Museum of Contemporary Art/Denver, Denver, CO
2004 "Flicker," Cur. Robyn Donahue, Socrates Sculpture Garden, Long Island City, NY
2004 "Video Box," Cur. Ingrid Chu and Louky Keijsers, White Box, New York, NY
2004 "Art in the Office," The Global Consulting Group, New York, NY
2004 "Objects of Desire," The Leroy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University, New York, NY
2003 "Project Room," Arena Gallery, New York, NY
2002 "A Special Place," Cur. Renee Ricardo, Arena Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2001 "Young Guns II," Art Director's Club, New York, NY
2000 "Artist in the Marketplace," Bronx Museum of Art, Bronx, NY
2004 Columbia University, School of the Arts, New York, NY, MFA
1998 City University, New York, NY, BA in Photography
Exhibited Artists

Sarah Bedford

Carl Hammoud

Marc Hundley

Shana Moulton

Gust & Swanson