Three Sailors


Charlotta Westergren

Rolling Stone Magazine Christmas Party 1990, After Carolina Challan in Cannes, After Carolina D\'Artagnan, After Carolina with Andre Socker Blommar

Knave Libertine Rake Three Sailors Untitled

Self Portrait on Crayfish Siting Untitled (Octopus) Untitled (Shrimp) Lobster Untitled

Ahus Mamma Och Kikan Birth of Venus Carl, Thomas, Bjorn, Daniel, Lars, William, Pontus, Frederick, Bo Midsommar Flicka (The Midsummer Girl) Midsommar Förtrollnin (Midsummer Magic) Tripaeolum Speciosum Untitled En Bjork (A Birch)

Butterfly Coral Spring Mycena Dandelion Flyagaric Flyagaric #2 In Clover Smultronställe (Wild Strawberries) Dawning Nocturne

Painting Zelda Pink Self-Portrait as Ophelia The Sailor who fell from grace with the sea







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