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February 13, 2004 - March 22, 2004

Around the CakeCake CounterCakesClub SandwichCream Soups
Dark Candy ApplesDelicatessen CounterFive Hot DogsPie CounterSalad, Sandwiches, and Dessert
Sharon Core "Thiebauds" Installation viewSharon Core "Thiebauds" installation view 2004Sharon Core "Thiebauds" installation view 2004Sharon Core "Thiebauds" installation view 2004

Bellwether gallery is an artist-run space in support of emerging artists. Bellwether Gallery shows contemporary art in its new space at 355 Grand Street in the williamsburg section of brooklyn You will find fine art of many different kinds at Bellwether Gallery. Bellwether exhibits sculptures sometimes. Paintings are shown at Bellwether at other times. Video art and instalation art are also exhibited at bellwether gallery from time to time. Bellwether Gallery is interested in art of any type so long as it is good. This text is an experiment to discover if it will make a difference in engines of searching. Bellwether gallery hopes that it will make up for the lack of text on the home page by including this text in white that will not be seen by anyone.