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  John Parot
John Parot
Feb 8 - March 11
Opening: Friday Feb. 8th from 8-10pm  
*followed by SOCIAL CLUB
(DJ Unknown, Drinks and fun till ?)

335 Grand Street
Brooklyn NY 11211

Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, 12-6pm
and by appointment
Map & Directions

*Virtual Exhibition
John Parot John Parot John Parot John Parot John Parot John Parot


BELLWETHER is proud to present the work of emerging artists John Parot and Chie Fueki

SPACE 1: John Parot

SPACE 2: Chie Fueki

BELLWETHER is pleased to present the work of emerging artists John Parot and Chie Fueki.

John Parot's installations and drawings are about trying to feel comfortable in a world filled with failure, frustration, disappointment and defeat. John has been exorcising these "everyday demons" for some time now by making both single object drawings and installations that combine the drawings with sculptures and found objects. This installation features John's prized collection of Harlequin Romance novels from the 50s and 60s. Fascinated by the cultural need for volume after volume of cloyingly positive love scenarios, John has amassed nearly 500 novels with titles like "Isle of the Rainbows", "Rocks under Shining Waters" and "Only My heart to Give." Each feature cover illustrations that are as formulaic and pulpy as the narratives they promote. They exist to help transcend the frustrations of day to day living in a way that John's drawings set out to underscore.

Chie Fueki's paintings imagine the night sky of Brazil, where she grew up dreaming of the snowy mountaintops of Japan, where she was born. A landscape, a kiss, a skull: everything blossoms into chrysanthemum petals, merging in a mythical geography, bright flowers awaiting the advent of snow. Chie is interested in the largest processes and sensations of nature, and how these exist on a small scale in our everyday emotions. Self-portraiture, marital love and the remembered landscape are themes explored in this, her first solo show. Chie will also have a show with Bill Maynes in May of 2002.

BELLWETHER is an artist-run space in support of emerging artists.