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Ellen Altfest
John Bauer
Sarah Bedford
Ion Birch
Juliette Borda
Melissa Brown
Cynthia Chan
Sharon Core
Adam Cvijanovic
Dame Darcy
Linda Darling 
Karen Dow
Matt Ducklo
Everest Hall
Kimberley Hart
Kirsten Hassenfeld
Todd Hebert
Pahl Hluchan
Mala Iqbal
Diana Kingsley
Larry Mullins
Allison Smith
Marc Swanson
Amy Wilson

June 3rd to July 24th
Opening Thursday,
June 3rd, 6-9pm

Till June 1:
by appointment only
335 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

After June 1:
134 Tenth Ave
New York, NY 11011

Press Release:


BELLWETHER is pleased to announce its relocation to Chelsea. As of June 3rd 2004, our new address will be 134 Tenth Avenue between 18th and 19th Streets. We are delighted to have found a new home that retains many of the charms of our Brooklyn storefront: ground floor, two exhibition spaces, and a large picture window but with several new amenities: 20 foot ceilings, skylights, and, best-of-all, an ideal situation between two great neighbors, Cohan and Leslie and Alexander Bonin.

Celebrating the occasion, our first show, Hello Chelsea, will feature twenty-four artists intended to introduce the Chelsea art-going community to our current and future program.