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  Ellen Altfest
  Ellen Altfest
  Septr 5 - Oct. 7
Opening:Thursday Sept 5th 
from 8-10pm  

335 Grand Street
Brooklyn NY 11211

Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, 12-6pm
and by appointment
Map & Directions

Ellen Altfest Ellen Altfest Ellen Altfest Ellen Altfest Ellen Altfest Ellen Altfest


BELLWETHER is proud to present the work of emerging artists Ellen Altfest

Made from observation in rural Connecticut, Ellen Altfest's paintings portray fragments of nature, including trees, rocks and logs. The subjects are simple and are placed in the center of the frame. This composition gives the paintings a certain straightforward and an almost deadpan quality. There is, however, a sense of empathy for the rocks and logs in the paintings, which sometimes seem like portraits instead of natural studies. Made up of an accumulation of small marks, the paintings are at once realistic and abstract, ordered and visually chaotic. The paintings are non-hierarchical with every visual component in focus. Deep space is rarely represented. Painted without direct light, the objects stand outside of a specific moment. There is an emphasis on looking at an object making the work is about an experience that is direct and unmediated.

Ellen's paintings are influenced by a wide variety of artists including Albrecht Durer, Stanley Spencer, Philip Guston, Ivan Albright, Charles Burchfield, Walt Disney, Catherine Murphy, Vija Celmins, Neil Welliver and Alex Katz.

Ellen holds degrees from Cornell and Yale. She spent the summer in Skowhegan Maine…

BELLWETHER is an artist-run space in support of emerging artists.