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Liesbeth Abbenes

Born: 02/22/70, Asten, The Netherlands
Resides: Amsterdam



Private Talks, Hooghuis, Arnhem, 1998

Mustang Dolly, Consortium, Amsterdam, 1999

Selected Group

The Wholy Heart, Bali, Amsterdam, 1998

Performance, Printed Matter, New York, 1999

Fuori Uso 2000/Blond Babe Festival, Under the Bridge, Pescara/Italy, 2000

Sweet Dreams, Exedra, Hilversum, 2000

Hotel, Center for Visual Arts, Nijmegen, 2000

Commission works

Shubert Square, Apeldoorn,1998

Angelslo school, Emmen, 2000

Doggershoek Prison, Den Helder, 2001


Skowhegan, Recidency Program for Visual Arts, Maine, U.S.A, 1996


Study grant, 1995
Prins Bernhard Funding, 1996
Start Stipent, 1996
Base Stipent, 1997
Base Stipent, 2000


Audio Visual, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, 1988-1993

Post academy, Photografic Media, Rijks Academy For Visual Arts, 1994-1995


In my work I created an alter ego called Dolly. This personality stands for a mixed child women 'dream' escaping from daily life. She appears in shows on stage together with Kenny juring a semi life concert. My personal life intertwines with the activities of the alterego. Fiction and realality form a thin line.

With the material that I gain from the act, captured on video and photo's, I work on in the studio. An extrovert and intovert activity. A realistic though fantastic and na�f world perception.


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