Hobby Horse


Victory Hall
The Armory Show 2005
Hello Chelsea

Hobby Horse Hobby Horse Performance Props (uniform, flag, haversack, rifle, saber, blanket) [detail] Hobby Horse Performance Props (uniform, flag, haversack, rifle, saber, blanket) Hobby Horse [installation view] Security Blanket (Drums of War) Hobby Horse [installation view] Pioneer Doll (for Hobby Horse) "Armory at the Armory" "Flagging Stack-Arms" "Mustering Officer\'s Field Desk" A Dashing Officer A Soldier of the 146th New York Zouaves Volunteer Infantry Ali Baby An Officer of the 5th New York Volunteer Infantry, Duryée\'s Zouaves Artpace installation view Bundling & Furtling Pockets Camp Curtain Camp Curtain [detail] Crossed Flags Dumbell Suckers Edisto (detail) Eliza Wilson Eliza Wilson of the 5th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry and Dr. Mary Edwards Walker Femme Au Fagot Field Wall Lean-to Marie Tepe, “French Mary,” Vivandière of the 114th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Collis\' Zouaves Mom-n-Pop Mom-n-Pop Deep Storage Unit Mom-n-Pop Deep Storage Unit Mom-n-Pop Market Tent Morning Wreath Muster Activity Muster Activity Muster Activity Muster General Portrait Muster Portrait Mustering Officer\'s Campsite Narcissist Notion Nanny Notion Nanny Project Notion Nanny [detail] Pewter Sporks Public Address, from "Dare" performance series at Foxy Productions Pure Sap (Syrup for a Lincoln Log Cabin House) Slipware Paper Plates Song Sheet (What Are You Fighting For?) Souvenir from Edisto Tradecraft Concealments Tradecraft Insignia Untitled Untitled Victory Hall We\'re Tenting Tonight Whitman\'s Sampler Series Zouave Candlelight Bulbs Edisto, A Site of Preoccupation Farby Label Farby Patchwork (Acid Wash) Farby Rag Rugs George Washington\'s Masonic Apron Mom-n-Pop Mom-n-Pop Sweet Life (Consuming Nostalgia) 618 Tradecraft Concealments 9213 Alyssum Way Ali Baby At the Sign of the Bull’s Head (Colonial Williamsburg) Hunting Rack (for hardcore farbs) Miscellaneous Studio Prototypes Still even, even still








February 8, solo project opens in conjunction with "Weavings of War" exhibition at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL

April 5, Muster book release party and signing, Bellwether, New York

April 28, panel organizer, Vera List Center for Art & Politics