History of a Fixed Idea [set], from "The Somnambulists"


The Somnambulists
The Ideoplastic Materializations of Eva C.

History of a Fixed Idea [set], from "The Somnambulists" History of a Fixed Idea, from "The Somnambulists" History of a Fixed Idea, from "The Somnambulists" History of a Fixed Idea, from "The Somnambulists" A Modern Case of Possession, from "The Somnambulists" HYSTERICAL HEMIPLEGIA CURE BY HYPNOTIC SUGGESTION HYSTERICAL MYTHOMANIA COMIQUE IDIOT A SEVERE CASE OF HYSTERIA IN AN ELEVEN YEAR OLD GIRL Detail from "Eva C. in the act of materialization: a recreation of a film shot by Baron von Schrenk Notzing in 1911" Dormica! Ectoplasm oozed from Eva’s Nipples Eva Enraged Eva had No Artistic Talent Eva projects a film, detail from "The Ideoplastic Materializations of Eva C" Farewell Mme Bissson Dressed Eva for a Séance Seizing the Phantom The Hand had an Animal Character You’ll kill her! "Eva Materializes a Head," detail from series of five stereoscopic stills and 3D viewers History of a Fixed Idea Recreation of a flashlight photograph by the Baron von Schrenk Notzing January 1914 Recreation of a flashlight photograph by the Baron von Schrenk Notzing June 1912 The Embrace







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