"Candy Counter 1963"


The Armory Show 2005
NADA Art Fair 2004
Hello Chelsea
Sharon Core

(Company) "The Overtoom Squatters, Amsterdam #4" Around the Cake Cake Counter Cakes Club Sandwich Company (Employees of the Bijenkorf, Amsterdam) Company (The Overtoom Squatters, Amsterdam) 1 Confections Cream Soups Dark Candy Apples Delicatessen Counter Five Hot Dogs Four Ice Cream Cones Pie Counter Pies, Pies, Pies Salad, Sandwiches, and Dessert "Bakery Counter" "Boston Creams" "Candy Counter 1963" "Candy Counter 1969" "Various Cakes" (Company) "Employees of the Hema, Amsterdam" (Company) "The Overtoom Squatters, Amsterdam #2" (Company) "The Overtoom Squatters, Amsterdam #3"







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