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Tragedy and Hope (Carter)
Sticks and Stones and Superstrings (with animals) Sticks and Stones and Superstrings (detail) Sticks and Stones and Superstrings (The Flood) Sticks and Stones and Superstrings
Sticks and Stones and Superstrings Sticks and Stones and Superstrings
Jenna Spevack



Sticks + Stones + Superstrings, Bangs Street Gallery, Provincetown, MA, 2001.

Sticks and Stones and Superstrings (small + BLUE), HereUnder, NYC, 2001.

ARTIST'S (WEB) SPACE, Artist's Space, NYC 2001

THE PRODUCTION FACILITY Hudson D. Walker Gallery, Provincetown, MA 1997

Selected Group

Flat File, Bellwether Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, 1999-2000.

Now Serving, Art in General, NYC, (upcoming) 2002.

Animas, Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, 2001.

Tipping Point, White Columns, NYC, 2001.

Prototype, Arts Center of the Capital Region, Troy, NY, 2001.

Peaks, Kagan Martos Gallery, NYC, 2001.


MFA, Painting/Printmaking, Rhode Island School of Design, 1996.

BFA, Printmaking, SUNY at Buffalo, 1994.


Cyber Residency/Fellowship, Longwood Arts Project, Bronx, NY, 2001-2002.

MacDowell Colony, New Hampshire, 1997.

Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown, MA, 1996.

Rumsey Travel Grant, Japan, 1993.


These drawings were initially inspired by a statement in which Einstein described the quantum mechanical view of the universe as ugly, like wood and his geometric view of the universe as beautiful and strong, like marble. Today physicists believe Superstring Theory might unify these incompatible theories. Into this generally unknowable, abstract view of the universe I introduce representations of the human condition by examining the forces and interactions that make up the uneasy balance of life. Using various arrangements of sticks (wood), stones (marble) and string (superstring) I replace mathematical equations with drawings of barely balanced constructions temporarily at rest or on the brink of action. The drawings reflect on the sometimes solid, sometimes precarious balance between matter, gravity, failure and success.

ALL IMAGES © Jenna Spevack