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Aaron Wexler
Resides: Brooklyn


Selected Group

The Willow House. Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art. Chicago, IL. 2001.

Minimal Provocations. Betty Rymer Gallery. Chicago, IL. 2000.

Flat Files. Bellwether. Brooklyn, NY. 2000.

OPEN. L.F.L. Gallery. New York, NY. 2000.

Post MFA. Peter Miller Gallery. Chicago, IL. 1999.

* Curated Just Like Heaven. Green Room Project Space. Brooklyn, N.Y. 2001.


Curatorial Grant. Artists Space/Independent project grants program, NY. 2001.

Deans Grant. Carol Becker. The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, IL. 1999.

Temple University Scholarship Award. Phila, PA. 1996.

Deans Award. Rochelle Toner. Tyler School of Art, Phila, PA. 1995.


1999. M.F.A. Painting and Drawing. The School of The Art Institute of Chicago.

1996. B.F.A. Painting and Drawing. Tyler School of Art. Phila, PA.


I make art about things that excite and puzzle me; mostly the structures that we create and the constant struggle to occupy these synthetic places in a natural manner. The relationships between the intricate parts that make up a whole are infinitely wondrous to me.

My work deals with the possibilities of imagination. Viewing art in general requires the viewer's imagination to complete the picture. I think of my work in terms of playful puzzles that place emphasis on that very notion. The subject matter derives from my love of toy-like parts found in various forms of engineering diagrams and architecture.

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