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Brady Dollarhide

Resides Brooklyn, NY

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Selected Group

Flat Files Room Bellwether, Brooklyn, NY Fall 2001

All American, Group show Bellwether, Brooklyn, NY Summer 2001

Flat Files Drawing Show, Group show Bellwether, Brooklyn, NY Fall 2000

Pets, Group show Bronwyn Keenan Gallery, New York, NY Summer 2000

Heavy Weight, Group Show The Distillery, Boston, MA Spring, 1998


Ringling School of Art and Design
Sarasota, FL
BFA, Painting

New York Studio Program/AICAD
New York, NY
Fall 1997


There is a team of three that lives in my studio: the id (the subject), the ego (the painter), and the superego (the painting). I, the egotist, serve as the team captain. The id is the rookie, and the superego Most Valuable Player. It is my concern as captain to maintain the balance of this delicate trio.

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